Monday, May 24, 2010

recent vintage buys

this wonderful vintage can opener is an purchase.

it is probabley a little newer than the vintage we are going for to match the house...but come on! it was mint green and works great!

i love this little tray...using it to hold the napkins etc in the middle of my kitchen table

i have bought a smattering of jadite here and i can find it and afford it...i plan on doing the kitchen in a jadite color 'theme' w/ some milk glass too...

i also recently bought the most awesome mint green sunbeam mixer...once again maybe a decade later than the house but it had the beaters, a bowl, and the instructions!!!! plus it was under $30!!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, we currently live in a wonderful little two bedroom 1924 bungalow-esque house. We are at the moment only renters of this lovely abode but hope to be owners here soon. I hoped to blog my experience of 'rehabbing' the house as it does need a little work and expansion. So, this little site will chronicle my dreams, aspirations, and attempts at recapturing the charm I know this little house is hiding.